The following sections describe how to install tRNAnalysis.

Conda Installation

The our preferred method of installation is using conda. If you don’t have conda installed then please install conda using miniconda or anaconda.

We have been experiencing issues with installation because of channel priorities. Bioconda recommend that the channel priority for conda be set by running the following in the terminal:

conda config --add channels defaults
conda config --add channels bioconda
conda config --add channels conda-forge

tRNAnalysis is currently installed using the bioconda channel and the recipe can be found on `github`_.

To install tRNAnalysis:

conda create -n trnanalysis
conda activate trnanalysis
conda install -c bioconda trnanalysis

Pip installation

We recommend installation through conda because it manages the dependencies. However, tRNAnalysis can also be installed easily using the pip package manager. However, you will also have to install other dependencies manually:

pip install trnanalysis

Manual installation

To obtain the latest code, check it out from the public git repository and activate it:

git clone
cd tRNAnalysis
python install

Once checked-out, you can get the latest changes via pulling:

git pull origin master

Installing additional software

When building your own workflows we recommend using conda to install software into your environment where possible.

This can easily be performed by:

conda search <package>
conda install <package>